The First Fort Worth Tattoo Convention is coming in October

The Virtuoso Tattoo Krew is excited to be a part of the first ever Fort Worth tattoo convention. National Artist and talent alike will come through funky town to get down on some great artwork the first weekend in October.

Come on out and have some fun with the Krew. We will have tattooing and live chops with QD at the convention,  then hit the town after hours at the Magnolia Motor Lounge on Friday and Shipping & Receiving on Saturday. You won’t want to miss it!

Come through the shop anytime this month for a tattoo and you are automatically entered to win 2 full weekend passes for the convention. Good luck and hope to see you soon!

A mural moment with Aura

The Virtuoso Krew is always expanding, always working towards larger Art goals. Check out what our newest Virtuoso, Aura has been up to:

“This piece was the first installment of what will become a very large mural for a specialty car dealer in dallas. It’s about 20ft tall and maybe 60ft wide. They sell mostly performance/luxury cars and this wall is the backdrop for their showroom/warehouse. So far I’ve put probably 15-20 hours into painting and burned through a good 60+ cans. No stencils, no projectors, straight paint to wall. Definitely one of the larger pieces I’ve done and I’d love to do more projects like this.”